We are a community of people who belong to Jesus and each other, who seek to be more like Jesus and who want to share Jesus with everyone we meet.

Describing us as a group of people is not as easy as it might seem… we are all so different. However, we have a uniting factor: Jesus. He is the centre of our being together and our daily lives. We have found that he has the power to transform us from sinners to saints, the power to take us from the lowest point and raise us to the highest point. Since we have found this to be true, we long to share this with everyone. Our prayer for you is that you will find in Jesus all that you have been searching for.

Our life together takes many different forms. Perhaps the most consistent form is on a Sunday morning. We gather to worship Jesus for who he is and all that he has done. We enjoy singing together, we pray for the world, we listen to the Bible and to teaching.

None of us would say ‘We’ve arrived’ but we are on a voyage of discovery, learning and serving.