New here?

When do you meet?

We meet on Sundays at 10:30am and 6.30pm. During the week we have three different small groups around the town.  

What happens when you meet?

We understand that it can be daunting to enter into a group of people you may not have ever met before. If you do decide to join us on a Sunday morning here's what to expect. As you enter the building, someone will be there to greet and welcome you to church and then you will be given a copy of our notice sheet. If you like, someone can sit with you during the service, please ask. The service starts with a few notices and then a Gathering activity. This is usually something like a prayer said at the front, responsive readings on the screen, something to involve the children (e.g. a quiz or craft item) or a reading of some description. We have different members of the congregation to who lead the service and it is up to them how they choose to 'gather' us at the beginning of a service. Then we will sing a few worship songs together. This will be a mixture of old hymns and new songs. We usually take up an offering of money at the end of the singing. This is for regulars. If you are visiting, please do not feel obliged to contribute. We pray for the children and they go out to their own learning time. After which we have our time of prayer for other people. Whoever is preaching will then speak for about half an hour and the service will close with a hymn and a blessing.

What happens after the service is finished?

After the service has finished most people head out to the school room for a cuppa and a biscuit. This is a relaxed and informal time where we can catch up with each other if we have not been in touch during the week. It is also a time to get to know anyone new who has decided to join us. If you do visit, please  join us, we would love to get to know you.

Do you take communion?

We have communion on the first Sunday morning service of every month and the third evening service. It is served to the congregation by two of our leaders. Everyone is welcome to join in. However, if you are uncomfortable with it or feel unable at the time, please let the bread and wine pass you by.

Is there anywhere to park?

As the church is situated on a main road, space is very limited for us. However, if you are coming on Sunday morning, parking is available for free in the main town car park. This is accessible from Haynes Road by turning left onto High Street and then by turning left again. There is a short walkway that leads to West End from the bottom of the Car Park.

What about bringing my children to a service?

WE LOVE CHILDREN! The kids stay in for most of the first part of our service and then go out to their own learning time after we've sung. There is a small play area at the rear of the church which is kitted out with lots of fun things to play with! Please do not worry about them making noise. We have published a safeguarding policy which is available upon request.

Do you have any midweek activities?

During the week we have different things that happen. Monday evenings sees the rehearsal of the White Horse Community Choir from 7:45pm. We have three small groups that meet in homes to worship, pray and study the Bible. Check out the Activities page for more information on our groups.

Are you affiliated to any other organisations?

We are members of the Baptist Union of Great Britain and the Evangelical Alliance. Ian (Pastor) is a member of the New Wine movement and Fresh Streams network. We are registered with Freedom in Christ Ministries UK and hold regular Freedom in Christ courses.