1926 – 1950

Ladies of the Church (late 1920s / early 1930s)
Ladies of the Church (late 1920s / early 1930s)

Recorded events from 1926 to December 1950


Rev. Miller resigned owing to ill health.

December 26th
At the Church Meeting it was agreed to ask Rev. Allon Poole to be their Pastor, votes for 118; his salary to be £138 per annum.

Allon Poole (Pastor from 1926 to 1933)
Allon Poole
(Pastor from 1926 to 1933)


Mr Stan Ingram proposed that the morning services commence at 10.45.

Mr G E Bailey, the senior Deacon, died.

May 27th
Mr George Ingram baptised.


Details from the Annual General Meeting recorded:

  • All organisations reported doing well.
  • Good numbers in the Sunday School.
  • Girl Guides 28 members.
  • Women’s Meeting 98 members.
  • The Choir 38 members.
  • Senior and Junior Christian Endeavour well attended.

The Church and Manse externally decorated, cost of Church £18-12s-6d, cost of Manse £15-15s-0d.

Electric lighting installed in the Church, estimates being obtained from Messrs Kendrick & Electric Light Co.


January 28th
Christian Endeavour convention to be held at Easter.

The Baptist Missionary Birthday Scheme started.

Mr J Lush retired having been organist for 40 years, he was given a silver watch. Mrs Simmons to be the leader of the Choir with Mr Percy Collier organist and Mr Lewis Barber assistant organist.

There were 13 nominations for the Diaconate, with only 7 positions to be filled.

Mr Leslie Ingram baptised.

Mr F. G. Collier died, having been Secretary, Treasurer and Sunday School Superintendent over a period of 20 years.


February 17th
The Annual General Meeting reported: Scholars 115, Teachers 16, Cradle Roll 12.

The Church Rules to be re-adopted.

The Institute was built at a cost of £70.


March 25th
Rev. Poole asked to continue his Ministry at West End for a further 3 years.


Rev Poole notified the Church that he would be retiring in September.

Church agreed to contact Messrs Reeves of Bratton re new Boiler for the Heating system.


Church Meeting invited Rev. George T. Hickman to preach with a view to the Pastorate.

George T Hickman (Pastor from 1934 to 1942)
George T Hickman
(Pastor from 1934 to 1942)

The Church Meeting considered ‘The Wilts & East Somerset Association’ decision to amalgamate the Baptist and Congregationalists Churches in the villages because of the small numbers attending with a serious view as it was considered the ‘thin end of the wedge’.

February 14th
It was agreed to change to The Baptist Church Hymnal in September.

There was a deficit of £5-8s-93d. Mainly due to having the travelling expenses of 11 Ministers to preach with a view to the Pastorate, many of these coming from a distance.

The Manse was fitted with electric lighting at a cost of £14, redecorated cost £24, and furniture £14.

April 18th
Rev. Poole led the Recognition Services for Rev Hickman.


West End had 14 entries for the Scripture Examination.

Deacons elected for a 3 year term: P Collier, W Grist, C Ingram, F Ingram, L Ingram, H Newman, D Simmons, A Scull and H Scott.

Schoolroom decorated and Institute renovated inside and outside by the young men of the Church. 6 trestles made by Mr Lush and Mr Ingram.


April 20th
A Baptism was held, candidates included Gladys Barber (now Ford).

A new heating boiler was installed at a cost of £67, while work was being undertaken services were held in the Vista Cinema and The Laverton Institute.


May 6th
Church Meeting: it was recorded that the Church required new windows and redecoration. The aim was to raise £400.
The Church reports given at this meeting recorded that the average evening congregation was 200.

A Christmas Market was held at The Laverton Institute, this being opened by Mrs F. Finch. Miss Hobbs class from the Infants School to present a ‘Children’s Display’ admission 2d.

December 20th
Church voted for Rev. Hickman to stay with no time limit.


Deacons elected: Fred Allen, Lewis Barber, Percy Collier, William Grist, Leslie Ingram, H Newman, Harold Scott, Arthur Scull & Ralph Stone.

Eight windows, plus one in vestry were to be replaced, an estimate was obtained from W Goldman of Bristol at £100 net cash, other quotations had been obtained ranging from £112 to £200.
Donations for these windows being given by the families of W.A. Bryant, Frank Ingram, F.G Collier, A.C Ingram, Mrs Gould and her sister.
NB. Various other quotations were obtained from Rowe Brothers of Bristol, Edward Linzey & Son of Trowbridge, Gardiner & Sons of Bristol and G Maile and Sons of London, the last company providing designs with ‘Sacred Symbols such as I.H.S., Alpha & Omega and a Cross design, the overall costs for 10 windows being £188. (These designs can be seen in the Trowbridge Records Office file 3147/70).

Photograph from the 1990s showing the windows fitted in 1938. Replaced in 2001 due to bowing and rust.
Photograph from the 1990s showing the windows fitted in 1938.
Replaced in 2001 due to bowing and rust.


January 9th
Treasurer to pay the organ blower his salary in the future.

March 3rd
It was recorded at the Church Meeting: Membership 134, Scholars 95, Teachers 23, Women’s Own 80 members, Morning School Superintendent Mr Stanley Ingram, Choir 34, Stewards 12, Christian Endeavour 40 seniors and 25 juniors.

August 3rd
Quotations were received to renovate the Church. The lowest of these given by Messrs Parsons at £136-10s-0d, this being accepted by the Church Meeting. The balance in hand at this time was £33. A loan was received for £80.

October 9th
Arrangements made for the Church to be ‘blacked out’ for services.


April 1st 
AGM: Mr Lush resigned as Sunday School Superintendent, Mr S Ingram to take over this role.
The Women’s Own gave a window in memory of Mrs F Collier. Mrs S Mac Luckie, former wife of Rev Miller also gave a window.
Concerns were expressed that the outstanding Renovation Fund deficit was not being paid off, the Minister offered to pay a pound if 49 people did the same.
NB. There were various letters seen at this time regarding the expenses of the Church that were running at £5-0s-0d per week with an Income of only £3-10s-0d per week. The Minister volunteered to make a monthly contribution in the collection of an extra £1-0s-0d per month over and above that already being paid providing the Church did not reduce his stipend.

Venetian blinds cleaned. The Church windows could not be blacked out, so services were held on a Sunday afternoon.

December 25th
Institute was let out to Southern Command Troops for a reading room.


The Women’s Own performed a Pageant, this being repeated in May 1942.


An electric organ blower was installed at a cost of £55. (This blower being in a small external shelter adjacent to the entrance gates to the side of the Church). Those previously hand blowing the organ were given 3 months wages.

Rev. Hickman resigned owing to ill health,

Rev. Arthur Shears from Okehampton invited to be Pastor for a period of 5 years, stipend £165 per annum plus Manse and a portion of rates – total £206. Removal expenses agreed at £15.

Arthur Shears (Pastor from 1942 to 1949)
Arthur Shears
(Pastor from 1942 to 1949)

Rev. Hickman died, he bequeathed his Baptismal gown to the Church.


Deacons elected: F Allen, A Bailey, W Chapman, P.L Collier, W Grist, L Ingram, W Newman, H Scott, R Stone & G Ingram. Membership 106.

Messrs Knees provided an estimate of £40-3s-0d to black out the Church windows, this being accepted. It was agreed to hold a ‘Bright Hour’ after the evening service.


April 2nd
9 Baptisms: Mrs S Ingram, Miss K Owen, Miss J Scott, Miss B Wheeler, Miss D Webb, Miss K Brown, Miss J Barber, John Ellery and Howell Jones.


4 Baptisms: Mrs P Carter, Miss F Caswall, Miss Hoskins and Mr Chalker.


Church Meeting: Balance in hand £34. Giving to B.M.S. £81. The weekly offering required to cover normal expenses £6-13s.

February 27th
A telephone was installed in the Manse.

Deacons elected: A Bailey, W Barber, W Chapman, P Collier, W Grist, S Ingram, W Newman, H Scott and R Stone.

Church Insurance raised from £5,000 to £11,000 and Manse Insurance raised from £1,600 to £3,000.


Balance in hand £78. Mrs Simons resigned from position of Choir Mistress after 20 years.

November 24th
Rev. Shears advised that he would not be seeking re-election as Pastor,


July 19th
Rev. Shears Pastorate extended to March 1949.


March 28th
The Girls Fellowship gave a 21st Birthday Party to three members, Mrs Griffiths, Miss D Webb and Miss J Barber.

Rev. Shears concluded his ministry.


Manse repairs and decoration undertaken at a cost of £237.

The Church received a loan from the Association of £250.

September 21st
Rev. H. F. Webb invited to the Pastorate.

Horace F Webb (Pastor from 1950 to 1956)
Horace F Webb
(Pastor from 1950 to 1956)

December 7th
Induction Service of Rev. Horace Webb.

Mrs Bessie Ingram left a legacy of £50 to the Church. The weekly offering required to cover normal expenses £8-6s-0d.

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