1951 – 1975

Graham & Maureen's wedding c.1962
Please note the lighting installed in 1928, the railing around the rostrum and the choir stalls (All later removed).
Graham & Maureen's wedding c.1962 Please note the lighting installed in 1928, the railing around the rostrum and the choir stalls (All later removed).

Recorded events from 1951 to November 1975


Baptism of Sylvia Newman, Lynda Say and Brenda Barber.


Mrs G Ford agreed to have the Baptist Times and to distribute to Members.


The Church meeting recorded:

  • Average Morning attendance 34.
  • Average Evening attendance 81.
  • Average weekly offering £6-10s-0d.

Baptisms of Elaine Dolman, Diane Bailey, Clifford Hillier and Reg. Bryant.


Billy Graham relay meeting held at West End.

Pocket Communion set given by Mrs A Bailey, Brass Vase given by Miss L Scull.


Rev. H Webb invited to stay as Pastor for an indefinite time.


May 27th
Baptism of Vera Ingram, Janet Mead, Maureen Ingram and Pam Scull.

Rev Webb left the Pastorate.


May 19th
The Manse, as not required to house a Pastor, let for £1-10s-0d per week.

June 4th
Election of Deacons including Miss J Barber.

July 28th
Vestry decorated, including the removal of the Pastor’s toilet.


Mr P Collier paid for a deaf aid system to be installed in the Church.

Communion tray and glasses given anonymously.

Rev. Eric Looker invited to the Pastorate.

March 16th
It was decided to make the large classroom into a kitchen at a cost of £41.

Minister’s stipend:

  • Married £500, plus £25 for each child – per annum.
  • If single under 40 years £460 per annum.

The Manse was renovated by Mr Bert Dunstan at a cost of £91-18-6d.

June 15th
Schoolroom decorated by volunteers.

Rev. and Mrs Shears transferred their membership to West End.

Eric Looker (Pastor from 1959 to 1961)
Eric Looker
(Pastor from 1959 to 1961)

September 2nd
The Induction Service of the Rev. Eric Looker.

October 12th
Removal of front pews to make room for piano.

Mr G Taylor transferred membership from Penknap Church.


January 18th
Agreed to let St John’s Ambulance Brigade the use of the Institute.

February 8th
AGM: 33 members present out of a possible 88. Weekly income £11-11s-8d, weekly expenditure £13-9s-8d, weekly offering £8-17s-10d. Renovation account £450.

Mr Wheeler resigned as Choirmaster, Mr Newman resigned as Treasurer, George Ingram elected to fill the latter post.

April 14th
Immersion heater given anonymously for Baptistry.

Easter Sunday
Baptism of Harold Webb aged 70, David Hillier and Tony Say.

August 22nd
New heating system installed by Messrs Applegates at a cost of £450.

November 14th
Miss Vera Ingram appointed organist.


Mr Vivian Carter received into Membership.

May 30th
Mr W Grist resigned as Secretary and Deacon, was made a Life Deacon.

August 21st
Mr Stan Ingram elected as Secretary.

Rev E Looker resigned owing to ill health.

Mrs Ada Pateman gave Reading Lectern to the Church.

September 18th
Rev. A Shears (retired and living in Westbury) was asked to be Moderator.

October 1st
Renovation of Church commenced.


February 26th
Renovation of Schoolroom and lighting discussed, it was decided to get the Manse at Bratton Road valued.

Curtains for Church windows discussed.

April 28th
Wedding of Maureen and Graham Taylor. Maureen was the Westbury Fellowship Secretary 1977 – 1983. Graham was the Church Secretary 1975 – 2000.


Rev. and Mrs Looker transferred Membership to Bristol.

Messrs J. T. Parsons tender for renovation of Schoolroom accepted at £149.

  • The seats around the sides of Schoolroom removed.
  • Radiators installed in the Institute.
  • Glass screen given by Miss L & Mr J Collier in memory of their father.
  • 60 tubular chairs were purchased.

Curtains for Church windows given by Mr W Grist in memory of his late wife.


Rev. Roger Aldersley invited to become Minister.

The Manse at Bratton Road was sold for £3,000, with a new Manse at Eden Vale being purchased for £3,475.

Roger Aldersley (Pastor from 1964 to 1969)
Roger Aldersley
(Pastor from 1964 to 1969)

September 5th
The Ordination and Induction Service was held for the Rev. Roger Aldersley.

Decision made to stand as the offering is brought forward.

A duplicator (Gestetner) was purchased for Rev. Aldersley to duplicate Monthly Church News Letters.


A Sunday School was started in Oldfield Park School led by Graham Taylor, Joan Barber and Cliff Hillier.

April 4th
Baptisms: Heather Coombs, Ann Jupp, Elizabeth Dunstan, Barbara Scull and Mrs F Walters. NB. A week after these baptisms Mr & Mrs A Jupp requested baptisms.

Silver Plates and Jug given in memory of Mr W Grist.

September 15th
Morning Service changed from 10.45am to 10.30am, morning Sunday school also 10.30am.

Rail around the Rostrum at the front of the Church removed.


Sunday School at Oldfield Park finished owing to lack of scholars/support from parents.


It was recorded that the replacement of the schoolroom floor would cost £400.


Purchase of 100 Baptist Hymn Books to celebrate centenary of the opening of the Church building.

A new floor was laid in the schoolroom by volunteers at a cost of £200.


The Rev. Roger Aldersley concluded his Ministry.

Keith Argyle (Pastor from 1969 to 1974)
Keith Argyle
(Pastor from 1969 to 1974)

October 25th
The Induction Service of The Rev. Keith Argyle was held.


New lighting was installed in the Church at a cost of £100.


Sale held at The Laverton to raise funds for Church repairs and new toilets.

Book rail to face of front pew and side front pews removed.

Quotation accepted to build new toilets and storeroom at a cost of £3, 960.


Rev. Keith Argyle concluded his ministry.


New toilets built as a separate building to the rear of the School Room adjacent to the Institute. Grant of £2,000 obtained from Baptist Union towards the costs of these toilets.

September 17th
Meeting held at West End with representatives of Bratton, Cheverell, Beckington, Frome, Rode and Westbury Leigh into the possibility of forming a ‘Fellowship of Baptist Churches’ conscious of the need for pastoral oversight of the Churches in the Westbury Area.

West End Baptist Church Celebrates 150 Years

October 7-8th
Drama Group presents A Music Hall.

October 15th
Women’s Rally.

October 31st
Children’s Night in the Youth Centre.

November 9th
Worship conducted by Rev. R Cowley.

November 15th
Re-Union and Thanksgiving Day.

  • Coffee Hour from 10 – 12 noon.
  • Re-Union Tea.
  • Service of Praise and Thanksgiving accompanied by the Salvation Army Band (Trowbridge).

November 16th
Anniversary Day Services conducted by the Rev. Dr R Brown, Principal of Spurgeon’s College.

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