Family Bio: Michelle

Hi, my name is Michelle. I’m the proud mum to four beautiful children, and a glamorous nan to four (soon to be five!) grandchildren. I am also known as the crazy cat lady, as I have three adorable cats.

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I got to know God as a child, when I began attending Sunday School, and later I joined the church choir. Youth Club every Friday night, was also a favourite event.

Due to my post natal depression, I limited my time at church to special occasions, and my anxiety became a barrier to regular attendance.

Lockdown, and Prayer 19 at West End Baptist Church, has brought me closer to God again. I’m learning to pray again! Listening to Prayer 19 really helps during Lockdown as I interact with other people, in a safe place.

I truly understand now, what loneliness is like during Lockdown, even despite having two teenagers in the house! But I realise now God has never left my side, all through my life, and he’s come through for me just at the right time.

God bless everyone!