Picnic gallery: we will meet again


It was a Sunday. The sun, tired from the glorious displays of Summer days, peeked through curtains of cloud. The wind blew snatches of conversation from the pilgrims of West End Baptist Church, around the plain where we were grouped. Our spirits soared with talk – it was as if we had never been apart.

Socially distanced on strategically placed benches, and portable camping chairs, the overwhelming impression of every pilgrim was that no one had changed. This family reunion was a very special one after months of Lockdown.

But a picture paints a thousand words. Let me hand over to the people themselves. And one day soon, we will meet again, God willing.

by Jessica Nel

After months of being behind the camera, Esther said it was lovely to see people’s faces again. We agree, Esther, and how lovely to see Jack as well.

The sun broke through the clouds, and shone God’s blessing on Richard!

Elaine, pointed out, interestingly, that we were the same altitude as The White Horse, and that the view was absolutely lovely. ‘Getting people together was like organizing a class of kids’, she laughed. Hopefully next time, Elaine, even more loved ones will join!
Will and Ian setting the world to rights. Will said it was wonderful to see his church family again.

Richard was thrilled to circulate and see people again. He said it was as if we all had never been apart. 

What would the day have been like without Steven and Christine? Christine’s blue eyes twinkled and Steven brought the joy of a big, enthusiastic grin!
The McManus family! We love you guys! Thank you for all your faithful online ministry!