I Am Yours and You are Mine


Mary Magdalena, West End Baptist Church and Jesus

He brought me out into a broad place; He rescued me, because He delighted in me.

Psalm of David, sweet singer of Yisrael, Psalm 18

My long hair swung side to side as I hurried along the well worn route. The gentle misty rain was refreshing after a week of baking hot days. It was Sunday. Rounding the corner, my heart skipped a delirious beat… the familiar red brick building still stood strong, and I could see that its big, bright blue doors were open. It was Sunday. The first Sunday we were all allowed to finally see each other again. The first Sunday with no more masks. The first Sunday we could actually sing. The first Sunday… just like that very first Sunday… when Mary Magdalena had seen her Teacher, Yeshua Messiah. I skipped up the stairs, and entered the church.

It was cool and quiet and clean inside. It seemed so large and spacious and peaceful. There was no sign really of the building work being undertaken to transform the sanctuary. The soft carpet and the distanced chairs gave the illusion of a meditative, safe space. Faces sparkled up in greeting and everything seemed the same and yet so different.

After a long lockdown year of cyberspace church, I was glad to be physically present in the House of the Lord. The disciples, the church fathers, the musicians, the unseen heavenly angels who ministered to us with the shalom of heaven, the fire of the Holy Spirit, the anointed words of our teacher, all these rejoiced my Mary Magdalena heart. Everything might be different, and yet nothing had changed. Invisible, eternal, immortal God, Messiah Yeshua was present, in this room. The Word of Life, Jesus Christ Himself.


How do you know these things, Mary Magdalena, might you ask? How do you know, Jessica Thinks, you who are prophesied about as a Mary Magdalena. How do you know, West End Baptist Church, Westbury? How do you know, disciples? How do you know these invisible, unseen realities of Heaven’s visitation. Here, in the middle of the town  of Westbury, in a red brick building with big blue doors. How do you know that the angels are present? How do you know that there is cleansing fire from above? How do you know that God Himself is speaking in the music, the teachings, the friendship of his people one for another?

All I can answer is this, as Mary Magdalena did on that Sunday. Come and see. Come and see for yourself! Jesus is alive! God’s not dead! The big blue doors of West End Baptist Church stand open and welcoming to all, there’s room, there’s music, there’s unconditional love and acceptance. Yes, there’s hand gel, and social distancing… yes, but contact us, and your seat is booked! There’s room at the table. There’s unconditional love in God’s heart for you all. God never turns anyone away. Not even a Mary Magdalena such as myself.

For details of how to book your seat on Sunday, at West End Baptist Church, Westbury, contact us:

    All welcome!

    Jessica Thinks

    Jess is a member of West End Baptist Church, and is incredibly grateful to her Church family and leaders who have nurtured her in her faith.