Jess reviews: WEBC Skits


West End Baptist HAS Talent

The WEBC Skits video is available here.

The 12th of December 2020. The clock started its countdown for the premiere of the season. It was cold outside, but eager YouTubers from the church were all staying in. Boom, and it was showtime, opening with Zoe rendering an exquisite rendition of Verde.

This set the scene… dancing, singing, guitar, karaoke and the showstopper of all time… our very own Rev on the accordion. Didn’t know he could play this complex instrument? Well, neither did he, but dang what a performance.

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Literary talents were also very much to the fore. Laurie’s kind and sincere heart shone through her poetry, Guy shocked us all with a whodunit and a twist in the tale, whilst Jess Thinks was rather uncharacteristically moody in her contribution; a little bit like the corpse in Guy’s story!

The star of the show had to be our Jim, singing a Jim Reeves classic in perfect time and pitch. Banger of a performance! We owe popular YouTuber, Deborah, big time for all her efforts in scouting this talent, filming, and coordinating everything. Thank you, Deborah.

To end with Menna’s pithy punchline to her skit… everybody got cross with somebody because nobody did anything. Thankfully, this wasn’t the case as the participation of the church in this memorable event is sure to go down in the history books.

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